Chrome plating

Velociao works together with some of the experienced electroplaters in the cycling industrie.
Partial chrome or nickel plating to full frame plating can be offered.

Guiding prices

Derust, pre-sanding 14,85 €
Right chainstay 54,00 €
Left and right chainstay 67,50 €
Upper and lower lugs, head tube 27,00 €
Upper lug, seat tube 20,25 €
Rear triangle 81,00 €
Frame drop outs 27,00 €
Full frame 337,50 €
Full fork 54,00 €
Fork crown and drop outs 33,75 €
Dechrome (electrolytic), per piece 20,25 €
Paint stripping (chemical), frame and fork 45,00 €


All parts have to be free of old paint to be replated.

The prices are guiding prices and might change due to the condition of your frame or fork.
Prices do not include tax and transportation costs.