Decals / Transfers

We produce our decals with high valuable paint and carrier materials. The prints use spot colors – which means there is no visible grid in the print. Letters are sharp to 2pt. On transparent carrier material, white is primed to ensure light fastness on dark undergrounds.

Dependent on the print template we contour and die-cut. We deliver weeded and if necessary on transfer paper.

We ensure that the decals are UV and solvent resistent 5 to 7 years for standard and 2 years for special color such as gold or silver without lamination. We recommend wether to varnish or to order with the laminate option.

Varnishing is possible with all common paint systems, except powder coating.

Different types of carrier materials.

50 micron polyacrylate for easy application and optional varnishing
25 micron PET, very thin for best varnishing results without visible edges
12 micron water slide, extremely thin, requires varnishing

We print your individual decal.

For the print of your own templates send your files as EPS or PDF.
Please contact for more information.

A range of decals is available in the online shop.
Contact us if yours is not listed, we have a lot more.