For the restoration of a classic steel frame,
Velociao is the right partner.


The design and construction of bicycle frames in tubular steel is a craft that has been in continuous evolution for many decades and is still contemporary with the development of ultra-modern steel tubes.


These pieces of craftsmanship from the workshops of special frame builders are fascinating, and their preservation and restoration is a specialty of Velociao.


Here, each project is handled with passion and expertise in craftsmanship.



The resulting activities are manifold.
The project starts with a thorough assessment together with the customer:

What is the state of preservation? Is the structure of the frame flawless, or are there structural damages and weak points due to the effects of weather and use? Is the original finish worth preserving and in need of refurbishing and preservation? Or is recoating necessary or desired?

A color improvement or partial paint repair can also be an issue.

An optimal adaptation in color and texture of the surface requires a particularly careful handling of the frame. The preparations and accompanying work are correspondingly high and can exceed the cost of a complete refinishing. Nevertheless, this is often recommended, especially for valuable collector’s items.

All these issues are discussed with the customer in advance and the effort is estimated. Both the market value and the respective ideal value of the object must be taken into account.

In this phase, all possible further measures from framing interventions, conservation measures, the renewal of chrome finishes to the perfect choice of color, contemporary or also according to special customer wishes, must be considered.

Also, when looking at the equipment components, Velociao is there to advise with profound knowledge of the original history. Are all components in original condition and in conformity with the year of manufacture? Do they need to be refurbished or replaced? Velociao supports the search for and procurement of the required components with the help of a wide range of contacts.


In the end, it is the details that lead to the final perfection of a restoration: The correct application of labeling, elaborately reproduced decals in material and placement, possible lining or color contrasting through the processing of engravings or frame details turn a good job into a perfect one.