Meerglas – Tom Becker – Randoneur 700C

    Meerglas 700C Randoneur. Light beige pearl and strong golden red. Golden lug lines. Masked high polished stainless steel lettering.

    Cicli Bonanno / Team Messpack

    Two crit frames painted for Cicli Bonanno and Team Messpack. Photo credits to Stephan Hähnel.

    Early Masi Gran Criterium

    Some snapshots of an early Masi Gran Criterium. Build 72-73.

    Masi 3V

    Repainted Masi 3V. Pearl grey with gold/blue touch. Decals sanded smooth, yellow colored cut-outs and embossments.

    Rauler rejuvenate

    A late 70’s Rauler that got new cable guides, chrome and paint.

    Pinarello Pista FCI

    Repaint of a late 1980s Pinarello Pista. Electric metallic blue with silver flakes. Cut outs filled marin blue, decals...