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  • Irish Randoneur for Meerglas

    Custom paint for Meerglas and irish men Fionn. Pearl green with the Ireland national flag on seat tube. Fine...

  • Meerglas Neoclassic Randoneur

    Custom paint for Tom Becker, Meerglas. Metallic green with two color boxed lines, lug lines and painted graphics.

  • Fern Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

    Custom paint for Claude & Fern. We used color shifting pearls on top and coal grey pearls at bottom....

  • Pinarello Stelvio Repaint

    Repaint of a Pinarello Stelvio build from Kens tubing build in 1990s. The owner had the idea to replace...

  • Fern The Glacier

    Custom paint for Lilli and Fern. This theme is inspired by the icy world of an glacier. Crystal white...

  • Cicli Bonanno StayLoco Matte/Glossy 2020

    Custom paint for Cicli Bonanno in 2020 paint scheme “glossy socks”. This bluish green has become kind of a...

  • De Rosa Corum & 2000 Neoclassics

    Restoration of two De Rosa from the early 2000, a De Rosa 2000 and Corum. These frames belong two...

  • Fern Chuck Explorer Showbike 2020

    Custom paint for Fern. This is the show bike for 2020. Simple colors (off-white, orange-red and dark grey) with...