1960 Cinelli S.C. Pista

Client: Stephan D. Date: July 7, 2015 Category:

When this Cinelli showed up in our workshop, it already had been refurbished once. Its new owner bought it via the internet in Milano, Italy. His joy to have found this machine became muted when he noticed the quality the restoration had be done. He was able to peel of the new paint with his finger nails. Copyshop vinyl decals at the wrong place, mismatched Cinelli silver color tone.

After some research we repainted it in old Cinelli Ivory. The transfers are printed on waterslide material. The semi gloss clear is fine sanded and polished.

The bike is setup with inch pitch Campagnolo Record Pista parts. We found a lovely Cinelli labeled Magistroni headset for it. Had to use the road version of the headset as the fork steerer was shortened to much. The wheelset is build with FB hubs and Fiamme Pista rims. Bonded and brazed spokes. For the tubulars we used Dugast Piste Cotton.